Powerplay ⚡


The next generation of innovation

From the outset, our goal was to create an electric mountain bike that felt as natural as possible. Building on the success of our previous Powerplay models, we’ve completely re-designed our new lineup and continue to push the envelope of high performance e-bikes. With our next generation Dyname 4.0 drive system, we’ve thoughtfully integrated new features with a rider-focused design. Our Powerplay bikes are firmly positioned at the forefront of e-bike innovation.

More power on tap

Virtual quads kick in when you need them and stand down when you don’t. Seamless power modulation between drive and human. Dyname reads your rhythm and responds to your ride.

No whining

The Dyname 4.0 features a reduced motor rpm that lowers the amount of the high frequency gear whine commonly found with other systems.

Ride farther

We’ve increased the capacity of the Powerplay battery to a whopping 720Wh, allowing you to spend more time riding.


We built the drive to fit the bike, not the other way around.

Powerplay frames are not handcuffed to off-the-shelf drives. We put pivots where we want. We maximize our freedom in suspension design. We don’t start with no-fly zones as a result of 3rd party integration. Rocky Mountain’s engineering team enjoys a blank slate which ensures we can imagine, create, and most importantly, ride the bike we want.


On available on Powerplay

At the heart of our new Powerplay lineup is the all-new Dyname 4.0 drive system, that comes with a series of improvements and refinements from its previous generation.

So intuitive that you can simply focus on the trail in front of you.

Dyname™ 4.0 is incredibly powerful and is truly a leader among e-bike motors. We designed the power curve within the software to deliver the 108Nm smoothly, allowing you as the rider to soft pedal around tight switchbacks or drop the hammer through a chunky, punchy, portion of trail.

108 Nm of torque

The Dyname 4.0 drive system is smaller and lighter, and packs a class-leading 108Nm of torque and power. That means faster climbs and punchier acceleration.

700 W peak power

Featuring a new torque curve designed to gradually apply power that achieves a maximum power of 700w, meaning that more watts are delivered when you really need them.

350% max boost

Customizable boost levels, specifically designed to an MTB-friendly cadence and real world singletrack riding. No spinning out.



The Jumbotron is our display screen, seamlessly integrated into the top tube of our new Powerplay bikes.

It displays key information like your speed, battery life, assistance, or optimal cadence prominently in front of you while maintaining a clutter free cockpit.

Positioned to show all key data and information in a convenient, easy to see location, the screens can be navigated using the handlebar remote. The new remote is smaller than the ones seen on the previous generation of Powerplay, it has 3 buttons that allows you to cycle through the screen and options on the Jumbotron.

Massive battery, fast charging


Our new generation Powerplay lineup features massive 720wh capacity batteries, and they’re easily removable.

The Powerplay is about riding not sitting next to a power outlet, and our 4-amp charger quickly refuels the battery from empty to a full charge in 3 hours and 55 minutes, encouraging you to get back out there.

Looking for even more? The second generation of Powerplay is compatible with the redesigned Overtimepack external battery

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